Invex Health

Driven by a mission to create a world of safe pharmaceuticals for a safer tomorrow,we are glad to introduce Invex as a fully integrated pharmaceutical company with services extended from delivering pharmaceutical products to pharma mergers and acquisitions.

Invex Health is an integrated group headquartered in Mumbai with a strong focus on identifying the right partner for the right opportunity at the right time. By developing and nurturing long-term relationships with various high quality principles, we are able to cater the market with quality and affordable products for India and several international markets. Invex has a product portfolio spread into various categories of Pharmaceutical, Cosmecutical, Nutraceutical, FMCG and OTC, Generics, Medical devices,Biologicals and Novel formulations. Invex has customers who ranks amongst top 10 Pharma companies in India. Our M&A advisory team focuses on identifying strategic fits for our clients and enabling them to grow their business through the inorganic route by making acquisitions that provide access to newer markets, better technologies and innovative products and result in creating shareholder value.

Achieving success is about having drive and we believe that 'Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow'. Our greatness lies in the ability for us as a Group, to make a difference to the lives of the people and for our products and services to be accessible in every part of the globe.